Cell-based Milk

Change the milk, change the world


The environmental impact of cattle farming calls for alternative and sustainable ways to meet the increasing dairy demand.



Real milk

What does real cell-based milk give us which cannot be replaced by alternative plant-based milk substitutes or precision fermentation?

The taste and composition of milk is unique.

There is a reason why farmed dairy has earned a place in the diet of humans over the last 6,000 years.

Milk is the way by which mammals feed their young and is the most notable characteristic of mammals. In its natural form, milk combines the perfect blend of nutritional value and taste, providing all essential nutrients and resulting in an advantage that mammals have over other life forms. We do not want to change that.

we enjoy milk, yoghurt, cheese and

the taste of milk

is unique

But milk is also part of other foodstuffs

milk is also an ingredient in baked products and processed

and sweets

life without milk is


Milk is not only the perfect nutritional drink but serves today as the starting point for countless dairy and food products around the globe, and the demand is increasing.

Our milk is a full milk and comparable to animal-sourced milk with the difference that we produce it in a sustainable and controlled way to meet the market’s needs!

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